Stretch in the water this summer

Summertime and swimming go together!

Swimming for fun or for aerobics is a great summer beat the heat activity.  Even a swimming workout should be ended with some stretching exercises.

Water for Life (_DSC5996)I’m in a fun water aerobics class again this summer.  Early this week I was in a hurry and did not do my cool down stretches.  Boy, was I sorry.  Achy and stiff!  The next day I was anxious to stretch.

Some swimming stretching ideas:

Arm over head and lean opposite direction (sides).  Feet planted and lean back (groin area). One leg forward and place opposite leg behind – stretch to place heel on bottom (calf muscles). Hand placed @ 90 degree angle on side of pool, touch heel of hand and look the opposite direction (flexors). As you leave the pool, pause on the steps, drop your heels over the step and lean forward (hamstrings).  Just about any stretch you do on land can be adapted for the pool.

Have a fun and safe summer!

Dog Massage – Give your pet a massage

Pet Body work – dog massage can help your pet feel better

Besides giving your dog love and attention, another great gift that you can give is a soothing pet massage. A pet massage, just as the name suggests, is a type of physical therapy that is similar to acupressure or chiropractic care.

Pet bodywork – for the dogs

This type of pet bodywork gives your dog an instant gratification of comfort, relaxation, and the feeling of being loved. When given to your dog on a regular basis, a pet massage helps minimize his sensitivity to touch, either by you or a stranger. This makes him easier to groom, handle, and also makes it faster and easier for the vet to examine and treat him.

The growing popularity of pet massage makes it widely available all over the country, especially if you live in a major city. However, you can learn the basic technique of this type of bodywork and give it to your dog, making the experience more enjoyable for the both of you.

Dog Massage is fun for both of you

Treating your dog to a relaxing pet massage is an excellent way to bond with him. Not only will he love the way it feels, but he will appreciate the time and attention that you are giving him, a true treat that will make your dog’s heart melt with joy.

Below is a simple step-by-step procedure to giving your dog a relaxing massage, starting from the top of his head down to his muzzle.

6 steps to a FUN and beneficial dog massage

  1. Call your dog and tell him to sit.
  2. Ease your way into the massage. Start by giving him a light caress the way you would normally do. This way, he won’t think that you are about to do something different that might probably scare him away.
  3. Give him an overall petting, from head to toe. Apply firm but gentle long strokes. The stroking prepares his muscles for more intense work and makes your dog feel more relaxed. Do this for about two more minutes.
  4. Put your hands over his head, moving one hand gently underneath his muzzle while your other hand is stroking the top of his head.
  5. Next, massage his ears, one ear at a time. Your dog’s ears contain a lot of nerve endings and massaging them will feel very good to him. Do this for at least one minute per ear.
  6. Lightly massage his forehead for about 30 seconds, sliding down to his cheeks also for 30 seconds, and then to his muzzle for another 30 seconds.

Pet massage may have gone to the dogs – but you will love it too!

Back Massage–Relieve Back Pain without drugs

Do you suffer from chronic back pain?

Back pain is a common ailment; however, people may get better within a few weeks through massages. Massage is known to improve blood flow and eases tension, thus providing relaxation to muscles. While gentle massages are pleasurable, it does not necessarily offer relief to sufferers of acute low back pain.

Combining massage with other treatments, such as physical therapy and chiropractic, is likely to produce best results. In addition, back massages, in combination with non-medical treatments, back exercises and good diet, ensures gradual pain relief.

Benefits of Back Massage Therapy

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, research proves that massage therapy provides many important health benefits, including:

  • Improvement in blood circulation in the body, which aids in the recovery of muscle soreness due to physical activity.
  • Relaxation of muscles for an improved range of motion. Muscle relaxation also helps in the treatment of insomnia.
  • Increased endorphin levels. The increase in endorphin levels is actually one of the greatest benefits of the massage therapy. Endorphins are body chemicals that lend a feel-good feeling, which is very effective in managing chronic pain.

Neuromuscular massage therapy

It is important to ensure that precautions are exercised while receiving massage therapy. Your muscle should relax in response to the pressure applied by a massage therapist, in the absence of which, it is possible that muscles are inflamed. In such cases, you should not opt for back massages as a treatment option and consult his/her doctor for the treatment.

Most muscle spasms require four massage treatments, usually spread over a six weeks period, to achieve best results. If muscle spasms do not respond to the neuromuscular therapy within two massages, try using another therapy.

Lower back pain

If you have severe lower back pain, it is advisable that you undergo thorough medical checkup before commencing the massage therapy.

SCALP MASSAGE – fast relaxation

Scalp massage is a great way to relax and stimulate your hair.

A SELF-ADMINISTERED SCALP MASSAGE is a great way to enhance hair health. Scalp massages not only feel good, they enhance hair health by improving circulation and allowing more blood to flow to the scalp area. This eventually leads to shinier, healthier hair.

The first step is to decide if you want to use scalp oil. The best oils for a  SCALP MASSAGE depend on your needs. First, choose an oil such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, or jojoba oil to use as a base. Then, pick the appropriate essential oils.

Massage oils

For example, tea tree and lavender are often used for dandruff, rosemary and peppermint are sometimes used for hair loss, and chamomile and rose are often used if you are experiencing excess dryness. For each tablespoon of base oil you use, add two drops of essential oil. For each tablespoon of base oil you use, add two drops of essential oil.

The next step to a successful SELF-ADMINISTERED SCALP MASSAGE is to brush your hair. This helps detangle the hair, adds some shine, and loosens any flakes that are attached to the scalp. The best brush to use before your will depend on your hair type. Long, straight hair requires a different brush than short, curly hair. Bend from the waist and brush your hair upside-down. This improves scalp circulation and helps give the hair more body.

Start your scalp massage

To begin the SCALP MASSAGE. Place a small amount of the scalp oil on your fingers. Bend from the waist to allow MORE BLOOD FLOW TO SCALP. Touch the pads of your fingers firmly to the scalp area near your temples. Massage in a circular motion your hairline gradually working your way around the entire scalp. Add more oil to your fingers when necessary.

After you use all the oil, warm a dry towel for a few seconds in the microwave and place it on your head. Let the oil set for at least ten minutes. Try not to do anything during that time. Just lie down, close your eyes, and listen to relaxing music. This allows the oils to absorb into your hair and scalp to give it added moisture.

After 10 minutes

When ten minutes are up, you will need to shampoo and condition your hair to wash out the  SCALP MASSAGE oil. Gently brush your hair first to release any tangles. When you shampoo, keep in mind that you may need to lather up twice to get rid of all the oil.

Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner. If your hair and scalp are extremely dry, leave the oil in overnight and shampoo and condition your hair in the morning.

Try to perform a  SCALP MASSAGE once a week. If done regularly, you will notice that your hair is shinier and stronger and has a lot more body. You may want to vary the essential oils as your needs change. Just make sure to do your research.

Some essential oils may be harmful and/or cause allergic reactions. Also, certain oils are not to be used if pregnant or nursing.

Relax and enjoy a great scalp massage and you too will notice shinier and more luxurious hair.

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