Stretch in the water this summer

Summertime and swimming go together!

Swimming for fun or for aerobics is a great summer beat the heat activity.  Even a swimming workout should be ended with some stretching exercises.

Water for Life (_DSC5996)I’m in a fun water aerobics class again this summer.  Early this week I was in a hurry and did not do my cool down stretches.  Boy, was I sorry.  Achy and stiff!  The next day I was anxious to stretch.

Some swimming stretching ideas:

Arm over head and lean opposite direction (sides).  Feet planted and lean back (groin area). One leg forward and place opposite leg behind – stretch to place heel on bottom (calf muscles). Hand placed @ 90 degree angle on side of pool, touch heel of hand and look the opposite direction (flexors). As you leave the pool, pause on the steps, drop your heels over the step and lean forward (hamstrings).  Just about any stretch you do on land can be adapted for the pool.

Have a fun and safe summer!