Is Massage Different in Decatur?

Is massage different in Decatur?

You Bet!

Clinical Sports Massage Therapist Karla Crawford is there for you!

Whether you live in Decatur, Buckhead or Midtown, massage is an all natural way of providing your body with many of the tools it needs to reach Homeostasis.  Homeostasis is the goal of your body to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes.  If you provide your body with the “tools” it needs, it will do its best to give you optimal performance.  One of those tools is massage.

Regardless of who you are, you can benefit from massage.

Call center worker, CEO, doctor, nurse, patient, artist, landscaper, teacher, Mom or Dad.  Your body is working very hard to keep you going day after day.  You may find you are taking more pain relief medications than you used to for your sore muscles or your aching head.  Massage is an all natural way to address many of your physical pains AND mental discomforts.

The resulting mental break will allow your mind to “re-boot”.

The techniques used by a massage therapist will encourage your painful, tight shoulders to drop from around your ears, your back to release, your hamstrings to stretch, your calves to relax and your feet to say “Ahhhh”.  Within that deep relaxation state your mind will begin to slow down, your breathing will become deep and even.

Are you concerned about the effect medications may have on your body in the long term?

Not all of a medication is metabolized by your body.  What is not actually used will become waste.  And if that waste is not removed, your body will store it.  Massage is the manual manipulation of your muscles which will increase blood flow, flush out capillaries and release toxins into the lymph system.  The lymph system will carry the waste to the cleansing organs.

What about those toxins being released by massage?

Your lymph system is trying to flush out toxins by circulating waste through your  cleansing organs.  Your job will be to provide those organs with the fluids they need to do their job.  Pure water is the best flushing agent to assist that process.  The more pure the intake fluid, the easier it is for your body to maximize its cleansing process.  When you give your body the tools it needs, your body will work very hard to take care of you (homeostasis).  So be sure to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.  And especially after a workout – such as a massage

Karla Crawford is a Clinical Sports Massage Therapist practicing in Decatur, GA.